Architecture meets craftsmanship

Architecture meets craftsmanship

Ari Hantke | Dan Munteanu

Cherishing the details – valuing the Big Picture

Arts for Architecture Header Range of activities

Individual objects as well as multi-trade-assignments


Reproduction and replicas

Patination, repatination

Reconstruction and imitative re-creation of historical building elements and works of art


Arts for Architecture Image Sacred and secular buildings
Range of activities

Sacred and secular buildings

Interior and exterior restoration

Structural building elements: masonry · stairways · columns · capitals · cornices · fireplaces · profiles · gates · parapets · glazing

Decorative elements: furniture · lamps · vases · sculptures · blazons · mosaics · stucco · wood carvings · mural paintings

From small details to big projects:
Restoration is our passion

Arts for Architecture Image Conception and drafts
All-in-one: Comprehensive Project Management

Technical advice compliant with official restoration requirements

Conception and drafts



Implementation in the workshop or on site

Arts for Architecture

Gothic and Romanesque churches, Baroque and Renaissance palaces, Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings…over the centuries, their beauty invariably begins to suffer.

Sometimes, damage is limited to a chipped mosaic, a faded wall painting or a broken marble parapet.

In other cases, missing decorative elements have to be replaced, e. g. by reproducing or recreating missing columns, capitals, stained glass windows, wrought-iron gates or ornamental carvings.

Some historical buildings are in such poor condition that the services of not one but several different trades are required: stonemasons, artistic wood-carvers, ornamental blacksmiths, glass blowers as well as plasterers.

Last but not least, architects and interior decorators sometimes have to contend with the wishes of a particularly demanding client: the interdisciplinary interpretation of a well-known work of art. In this case, a highly specialized artist may use a sculpture as the inspiration for a mosaic, a painting as the inspiration for a stained-glass-installation, or a drawing as the inspiration for a sculpture.

Arts for Architecture is an ideal partner for such missions. The experienced, tri-lingual architect Ari Hantke and DanMunteanuArt, a company which boasts no fewer than five trades under one roof, join forces to plan and carry out all kinds of restoration projects. These range from the repair, reproduction and imitative re-creation of individual objects made of wood, glass, metal, plaster, synthetic resin and natural stone to comprehensive project management of complex restoration assignments.