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26 Sept 2017
France, Côte Vermeille, private villa

Exterior light installations

During the last years of his life, bedbound due to severe illness, Henri Matisse began to experiment with cut-outs from paper that had been pre-painted with gouache. One of these collage creations depicts a series of seated female nudes called Nus bleus.

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Arts for Architecture took the series as the inspiration for four individual lighting objects (63 x 80 cm) executed in stained glass. During daylight hours, these waterproof objets form a simple adornment to a garden wall made of natural stone. However, after nightfall, they radiate with a magical glow.

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21 Sept 2017
Bucharest, Palace of the Parliament (aka People’s House)

Glass ceilings

In 1980, Romanian architect Anca Petrescu won the architectural design competition for the House of the Republic, a gigantic project initiated by Romanian former president Nicolae Ceaucescu. Petrescu, at the time aged 28, was designated chief architect of this sumptuous building which today counts among the three largest administrative buildings in the world, measuring no less than 365,000 m2.

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In order to implement this gigantic project, Ms. Petrescu recruited hundreds of architects as well as tens of thousands of workers. She also called upon the services of Romania’s most renowned sculptors. Among them Dan Munteanu.

Mr. Munteanu, at the time a young artist, was still a freelancer with just a small crew. Yet he was among the few specialists who teamed up to create the huge glass ceilings designed by the architects: He carried out detailed plaster versions of a number of ceilings and was then responsible for the creation of the molds for the aluminum frames.